Al Aqsa University

Established in 2000 as a public higher education institution, and member of the Union of Arab Universities and the Board of Palestinian Higher Education.

The 17,000 students that the university currently hosts enjoy subjects across seven main faculties, including Humanities, Art, Education, Applied sciences, Media and Administrative Sciences.

This friendly institution is unique in Gaza for its offering of BA degrees in sports, arts and media. It also has the lowest of all the tuition fee requirements so enjoys the ability to host students from disadvantaged and impoverished backgrounds.

Al Aqsa has two main campuses with the first based on an 11 dunums site in Gaza city that facilitates over 6,000 students. The second, meanwhile, is located in the liberated settlements of ‘Ghoush Ghateef’ in southern Gaza with an area of approximately 270 dunums and accommodating over 11,000 students.

There is a particular danger with a part of the building based in Gaza City that is threatening to collapse, so this will be the first priority for the building works that are undertaken here.

Over on the Khan Younis site, the ‘starting point’ for the work to be undertaken is a strong one, with lovely wide green spaces and with modern buildings already designed and constructed.

However, the sports facilities on this campus needs to accommodate the 500-strong sports degree intake and needs urgent upgrading and maintenance. This is particularly important due to a lack of facilities in the whole area of southern Gaza.

New and suitable facilities will also enable the university to be awarded its accreditation form the Ministry of Higher Education for its sports qualification. This building project really symbolises the work of Fakhoora and will take on a special meaning as it will facilitate the continuance of education for its intake of 50% poor and 20% deeply impoverished students.