Fakhoora's scholarship and empowerment program

Fakhoora's scholarship and empowerment program

Dynamic Futures offers an opportunity to talented young students in Gaza, to undertake grants for Vocational, Degree, Master and PhD- level further education, alongside an enriching ‘Empowerment & Advocacy Program’, provided by Al Fakhoora and its partnership with UNDP.

Awarded to youth from families struggling with poverty, this program targets those in most need of additional support to attain economic independence through education. 

The poverty in Gaza is a result of the destruction of past attacks, restrictions on resurrecting the infrastructure of communities and the near-impossibility of the movement of people and goods in and out of Gaza, alongside an absence of loans, grants and part-time jobs.

Al Fakhoora targets the source of problems for poverty-stricken families by providing access to education and providing funding and support for small businesses, even before facilitating formal education for the youth of the targeted families. This investment brings a highly qualified individual with strong extra-curricular skills into the community of Gaza, alongside a thriving business for the locality, as well removes obstacles faced by the larger community in pursuing higher education and breaking the cycle of poverty.