History of Dynamic Futures

Dynamic Futures was born out of the relationships built during the work of the UNDP's Deprived Families Economic Empowerment Program (DEEP). DEEP aims to help the poorest families in Gaza by giving them the tools and skills to create their own enterprises and support themselves without the reliance of aid.

This, work, in turn, has created links with the children of families met through the work of the UNDP, and enabled access to the talented youth who most need support.

Al Fakhoora works to maintain the progress and fulfilment of young people in Gaza by removing obstacles and barriers to education. With the occupation remaining steadfast for now, our work ensures that the right to education is not taken from the young people of Gaza.

Growing since 2009, with an annual intake of around 100 new students, the program targets the source of problems for poverty-stricken families by providing funding and support for their economic development and access to education for their children.