What does the program involve?

The Dynamic Futures program covers everything. Each student is provided with a full academic grant, the practical support and resources for study and membership to our celebrated Empowerment Program. 

Grants for Study

We offer 100 Undergraduate Degree grants for study and 10 Master’s Degree grants for study each year, with the grant provided lasting for the duration of the period of study. The Master's Degree places are often undertaken abroad, though not exclusively, while the undergraduate places remain in Gaza and the West Bank.

The Empowerment Programme

Using online resources and face-to-face sessions; our international team pool talent, skill and knowledge to create a varied and colourful program of lectures, activities, dialogue and experiences.

The aim of this side of the Dynamic Futures program is to create rounded individuals, with a focus on effective and respectful leadership.


The ‘Advocacy’ element of the program incorporates classes in leadership skills, media, film, writing, online discussions with international friends, human rights and English language classes. These activities instil a sense of power for the students, once in possession of knowledge of their human rights, good understanding of others and skills of clear communication and expression.

Soft Skills

Meanwhile, the ‘Soft Skills’ element of the program aims to upgrade the students’ professional skills and investigate supporting entrepreneurial initiatives that will become useful and central to their endeavours after the scholarship. Time is spent on interview preparation, C.V. advice, job hunting and career advice.

Coaching, Interships and Career Placements

The third and final focus, ‘Coaching, Internships and Career Placements’, links students up with worthwhile, relevant and valuable experience to support their interests, education and skills. This final objective of the Empowerment program is to facilitate individuals in finding career positions that will be right for them and beneficial to the wider society around them in their home country.

Additional Support

The generosity of Al Fakhoora’s donors extends even further than grants for study. 

The program also provides accident and health insurance, a monthly allowance to cover basic living expenses during study, books, any equipment that the academic course requires and resources and support for students with special needs.

Potential applicants will hear about the opening of the application process through our Al Fakhoora.org publicity campaign that precedes the announcement of Tawjihi results.