Flotilla Action Alert

As news spreads of the senseless and brutal attack on the Freedom Flotilla on May 31, outrage within the international community continues to grow.  The United Nations has called for a swift and independent investigation and citizens of the world are demanding that Israel's crippling and inhumane blockade policy come to an end.

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Let your voice be heard! Here are some officials you can contact depending on where you live.

Let them know that you demand:

  • A swift, impartial and independent investigation on behalf of the UN Security Council into the Flotilla raid and killing of at least nine civilians with full powers to demand all evidence and interviews of witnesses.
  • An end to the brutal and inhumane blockade policy that led citizens of the world to take action in order to break the crippling isolation of Palestinians living in Gaza. Governments must insist that forthcoming ships headed to Gaza are allowed to land with no interference from the Israeli authorities, who have promised to use even greater force.

In the US:  Contact President Obama
                  (202)456-1111 / (202)456-1414
                  http://www.whitehouse.gov/ contact

In the UK:  Contact Foreign Secretary William Hague
                  020 7008 1500
                  private.office@fco.gov.uk / AINAGCorrespondence@fco.gov.uk / haguew@parliament.uk

In the EU:   Contact Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton

Anywhere: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
                   011-212-963-7162 (Office of the Spokesperson)

Regardless of where you live, please help in any way you can – whether by exchanging news and information through your social networks, contacting your local media to make them aware of the story, writing letters to the press with feedback, or by volunteering with organizations working in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

You can also stay informed by visiting the Al Fakhoora Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Last weekend, at least nine individuals lost their lives trying to uphold universal principles of human rights and freedom.  We will honor their memories by continuing their work.