Leadership Training

Leadership Training

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Leadership Training

Training in the personal and professional skills of achieving positive, respectful and effective leadership in challenging conditions

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1. Why is this important?

Why is this important?
Finding success despite challenging circumstances

2. What does it involve?

What does it involve?
Everything from workshops and exercises to meetings and new friendships

3. Methods of effective self ...

Methods of effective self management
We base our teaching on this world-renowned concept; find out more

4. A few testimonies

A few testimonies
This positive feedback from the courses proves the value of leadership skill learning!

1. Why is this important?

Building highly effective, vision driven, proactive teams is instrumental for university students living in Gaza.

Al Fakhoora provides its students with workshops designed to sharpen leadership, thinking skills and practices, which give them the tools required to become effective players in their communities through setting and achieving realistic goals.

The workshops are tailormade to fit the challenges that students in Gaza face, teaching them to stay proactive in an environment of extraordinary circumstances.


2. What does it involve?

Students come together to learn internationally recognized skills in leadership  through workshops conducted via teleconferencing.

Boredom, frustration, limitation and injustice are all common themes for our students.

But, using adapted questions relating to common occurrences in the blockade, we can talk through practical solutions to problems of reactivity, and turn them into proactive plans to move past mental barriers.

The students are later introduced to methods of effective self management, guidelines for self-growth and introduction to theories such as 'Paradigm Shift'. 

Further work focuses on personal assessments, good and bad habits, maturity, socialising, reactive/proactive language and mastering that moment between a stimulus and response.

3. Methods of effective self management


Firstly, we work to instill a habit of independence or self-mastery among the students by founding habits of proactivity, especially in decision-making. This can very empowering for the students, as they come to realize that they can exercise control over their personal decisions, if not over wider and larger political problems.

Another facet of independence and self-mastery is clarifying personal values and goals, and imagining in more detail how life and relationships will look in the future.

As with any pressured lifestyle, tasks can be executed based on urgency, as opposed to importance. We spend time reiterating to the students the importance of…importance!


This module covers teamwork, an appreciation for empathetic listening and combining skills that create a good atmosphere in a team; and much better results!


Programs are uniquely designed to teach you refining your own strengths, building up your resources and taking care of your wellbeing and health to make sure the best “tools” are at each students disposal.

4. A few testimonies

“Today’s workshop was very enlightening and useful; we learnt about the ‘win-win’ habit. This was really great, as I realized that it’s possible for everyone in a  group to be happy and individuals do not always have to sacrifice their happiness for another’s; we can compromise.”

“This new fantastic work has brought new experience and points of view to our lives. I particularly like point that we must be careful not follow thoughts blindly; we must think, discuss and have our own characters.”

“The session today was wonderful and mind opening. Jennifer, the course leader in Qatar, gave an evaluation of the Leadership Assessment form that we filled out last week. She pointed out details which were really fascinating, and behaviours that other people have which I’d like to have myself. I took a lot from it. I really liked the fun atmosphere that we have in our classes.”