Reconstruction Program

Rebuilding and rejuvenating academic buildings

Rebuilding and rejuvenating academic buildings

Limited space in Gaza is creating a range of problems that require attention, solutions, funding and labor. The Reconstruction Program offers real, practical and lasting changes.


Educational institutions need safe, clean and comfortable learning environments for their students; with the facilities, equipment and resources to enable young people to gain the qualifications they deserve to progress in their lives.

By investing in development in the occupied state, jobs are created in the construction as well as education sectors. What's more, better use of the worryingly limited space can be made, which has a positive knock on effect for domestic overcrowding and health issues.


Reconstruction and development under the blockade is incredibly difficult, and involves huge endless bureaucracy.


However, with patience and determination, we have gained the permissions and support and begun making life-changing opportunities for the people of Gaza.