What We Do

The values of liberty, justice and equality cannot exist without the right to an education. Ignorance is by far the biggest danger and threat to humankind.

There’s a place in this organization for all people who believe in the values of freedom, justice and mutual respect. Regardless of faith, race or nationality, we are tied together by the fundamental belief that young people everywhere, including those living in Gaza and the West Bank, deserve the freedom to learn.




What we do:

  • Fund over 100 undergraduate and post-graduate students each year, with over 330 students currently benefiting and many more expected in the years to come
  • Provide integrated leadership, advocacy and social media training to scholars, to compliment academic ability with the skills to lead projects and groups both professionally and in communities
  • Co-ordinate communication projects using film and writing for self-expression

  • Co-ordinate online student discussion, cultural exchange and learning through our flagship program ‘Virtual Majlis’ between international student groups
  • Fund and manage the reconstruction and upgrading of damaged educational buildings and healthcare centers
  • Provide improved support, facilities and care for disabled youth and mental health illness
  • Provide an online global social media platform to end stereotypes and provide a space for new avenues of understanding and peace
  • Engage with social media to support the larger student body of Gaza