The Campaign

Al Fakhoora has grown from a student-led campaign to an organization providing a comprehensive support system to higher education in Gaza.

In campaigning for the right to education, we approach the problem from a variety of angles and the student body remains active in engaging the community and trailblazing advocacy.

Breaking the blockade

By communicating with the global community using online technology in our #ImFromGaza program, we are able to connect people around the world with students in Gaza.

Providing youth on all sides with a platform to express themselves and present a perspective that is so often clouded by media coverage and political agendas, the students are able to start building new avenues of understanding and begin leading the way for a new generation to tackle issues deemed unsolvable by previous generations trapped in a cycle of deconstructive rhetoric. 

Promoting the inside perspective

This is a program which promises to produce more fascinating accounts of life for our Gaza students and their interactions with people around the world.

Presenting life as it really is for those living under blockade is so important to maintain an identity for Gaza and the West Bank and show the rest of the world that there is "life in Palestine" in the literal sense of people with names, faces and families to the more figurative sense of people with dreams, stories and ideas for a better future.

This may sound simple, but with media coverage focusing only on aggression and violence in the region, it’s easy to forget that for the population who live there; this is their home!

Gaza represents the normality of family, friendships, studies, relationships and countless other things for the people who live in the blockade, as well as all of the difficulties that this encompasses.

We highlight Palestinian culture and historical commemorations utilizing social media to encourage interaction and understanding of the Palestinian identity.

Facilitating Reconstruction

Access to education is a basic human right, recognized by Article 26 of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. With this in mind, we have spent some of the last four years rebuilding and rehabilitation of educational and health facilities in the blockaded area. Delivering on the promise made after the war of 2008/2009.


Communicating with Social Media

We have an active presence on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for a combination of instigating ‘calls to action’ and keeping updated with our developments.

Al Fakhoora friends can join discussions on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and regularly check out new uploaded videos on YouTube.

We also have an opportunity for the public to directly share and communicate to students in Gaza as part of our #ImFromGaza program.