Psychosocial Services

The trauma of war, injury, death and loss creates untold pain and struggle. It is absolutely crucial that we work to provide, improve and maintain the best mental health care and support that we can. 

What we're planning

The Palestine Red Crescent Society Play Center

We are hoping to provide psychosocial support for able and disabled 4-18 year olds through play and activity. We will facilitate everything that's needed for systematic recreational and educational activities, which will take place at our partner HQ, the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS). We will be funding the facility for one year.

Psychosocial training for emergencies

We will also provide 32 psychosocial workers distributed across the Gaza Strip with the tools and training required to act accordingly in emergency situations.

Capacity building and Training

Using Gaza and the West Bank's internal and external experts on psychosocial services, we hope to expand the capacity of the staff currently working in the mental health services in the region.

43 medical staff, including doctors and nurses, and 42 psychosocial workers have been selected to receive training for a mental health and psychosocial support program to partner with the Gaza Community for Mental Health Program (GCMPH).

Two 60-hour theoretical training sessions will provide 60 professionals with 3 months of training at GCMHP centers. Three partner NGOs will then provide the trainees with supervised access to 100 severe cases to be transferred to these centers.

40 recent graduates of medicine and nursing will be trained to detect mental health problems, treat mild to moderate cases, and be able to refer patients to more specialized services if needed.

Following 60 hours of theoretical training and 18 practical assessments, with case discussion and supervision, the trainees will also receive the World Health Organization’s Mental Health Global Action Program manual.


As part of our bid to contribute to the integration and wellness of disabled children, we have partnered with the Palestinian Medical Relief Society to provide a program that allows this group to mix and socialise with able-bodied children of the same age range.

This program is 75% complete and mothers have applauded the efforts to integrate their children in mainstream activities.

139 children and 153 mothers have attended the 45 play program sessions from November to January and a further 15 sessions were introduced for February to March in which 146 children took part in sessions, bringing the total to 399 children and 403 women benefitted.

What we'll achieve through our work

With the changes we have in mind, we're hoping to see great benefits, better quality of life and positive experiences for the 10,000 children currently residing in south Gaza. Instilling the skills of play, friendship, imagination and movement through provision of safe facilities will add huge value to many lives in Gaza.

We hope to see levels of violence lowered in schools and the psychosocial conditions and resilience of the 500 children improved.

In building capacity of existing staff, along with 40 newly graduated doctors and nurses, we hope to bring more rounded and thorough care to the occupied region. These skilled individuals will help to integrate mental health into primary healthcare and establish our plans of a more effective referral system for mental health cases.