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Students from around the world gathered in Doha, Qatar for the Al Fakhoora International Student Conference in January 2010 to launch a campaign to guarantee education rights for students in Palestine. Add your voice to this declaration calling on students and the greater international community to stand in solidarity with Palestinian students. Please sign on and spread the word!

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Sign the Doha International Declaration for Right to Education in Palestine

We, the undersigned student activists from around the world, draw inspiration from the historic role students have played in struggling for justice, equality, and democracy in our societies. We believe that justice for the Palestinians is necessary to support peace in a world free of war and racism. The unconditional freedom to learn for Palestinian students is essential to this vision, so that Palestinian students can fully engage in pursuing their freedom and self-determination. In that spirit, we worked to mobilize the outcry against the most recent atrocity against the Palestinian people: the 22-day military assault on the besieged Gaza Strip. As students, we are particularly concerned by the effects that Israeli violations of international law have on Palestinians' Right to Education. After 60 years of dispossession and denial of the refugees' right of return, Palestinian students continue to face significant obstacles in pursuing educational opportunities at home and abroad. Violations of the Palestinian Right to Education include: the complete destruction of 18 schools and damage to over 280 educational institutions in Gaza in 2008-2009; the ongoing siege and other movement restrictions that restrict educational resources available in Gaza and places further movement restrictions on Palestinians; the cantonization of Palestine, preventing students from accessing universities in other parts of Palestine and abroad; the matrix of checkpoints and the Apartheid Wall that restrict travel by students from their homes to university campuses; systematic harassment and arbitrary imprisonment of students and professors; and discrimination against Palestinian students at every level of the Israeli education system. These policies are components of Israeli apartheid and they deny Palestinians of their Right to Education. We will mobilize on a local and international level to protect the universally recognized Right to Education. To do so, we will work to raise awareness on obstacles to education in Palestine through enhanced cooperation between Palestinian and international student and educational organizations. Our initiative aims to isolate Israeli apartheid through events tied to Palestinian civil society's call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions. We call on students of the world to unite and organize to pursue these goals in two concrete ways. In July 2010, universities will send solidarity delegations to an international student forum in Palestine. In November 2010, student activists will coordinate the Palestinian Right to Education Week of action and advocacy on university campuses around the world. Together, international and Palestinian students will work to ensure the freedom to learn for all Palestinians in a free Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital. In solidarity,

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