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From Conflict to College

During the harsh circumstances of war and violence there is a loss of a sense of direction in which one can take their lives. Unfortunately for the majority this sense of future and direction often falls out of their hands as their world crumbles around them and the unknown looms ahead creating a great need for support and empowerment. This is the case of the youth of Syrian refugees, many of whom before the conflict were headed or almost accomplished in their pursuit of higher education and stability who due to their dire circumstances feel they will never find that spark again. Thankfully for them there are scholarship programmes that see this vacuum and allow a rebirth of an educated generation, a major one being the Dynamic Futures programme which is in the processes of awarding many of the Syrian youth scholarships for a higher education.

Facilitating for the Future

 In every major conflict there is the risk of a “lost generation.” A generation of young people who, through the violence they encounter and being uprooted from their homes, face an unpredictable future in which their direction is unknown. In this day and age this is most prominently seen with Syrian refugees, who have fled their home country to escape the violence. Their struggle to find means in an effort to survive has culminated in a maelstrom of uncertainty and a lack of direction and meaning. However, there are those who seek to remedy this situation and create an opportunity for the Syrian youth during their exile and upon their return to their homeland; this is embodied in the Leadership Project, a joint venture between SPARK and Al Fakhoora.

The Al Fakhoora Scholarship Ladder

It is hard for any recent graduate to get work once their scholastic career has come to an end. It is even harder in a conflict zone such as Gaza.

Education Against All Odds

Gaza is the epitome of an ongoing conflict zone, with constant attacks and invasions over the years.   Add a severe embargo and lack of limited natural resources, and it becomes clear that the people of Gaza face many issues within their own borders. Despite this the people of Gaza hold strong, especially its large youth population, who resist in the form of education.

Walls, murals and persistent hope

The ability of a person to leave a mark on the world around them brings a certain amount of pride and ownership.  It is no longer the world they live in, but a world that they belong to. One of mankind’s earliest forms of personal expression is murals.

A Fakhoora co-funded programme provides Vocational Training Opportunities for 215 Persons with Disabilities in the Gaza Strip

A Fakhoora co-funded programme provides Vocational Training Opportunities for 215 Persons with Disabilities in the Gaza Strip
In a pleasant and simultaneously fulfilling atmosphere, a total number of 215 youth with disabilities have received certificates after completing their vocational training courses in the fields of furniture making, jewelry making, culinary arts, sewing, embroidery, photography, graphic design and hairdressing for women and men. The training courses were carried out as part of a the project entitled: “Vocational Training and Job Creation for People with Disabilities in the Gaza Strip”, a one-year project implemented by the Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) in partnership with Palestinian Red Crescent Society through Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children and funded the Gulf Council Cooperation Program for the reconstruction of Gaza & Al-Fakhoora (A programme of Education Above All Foundation) in cooperation with the Islamic bank of development.

Al Fakhoora Supports UNRWA Education Programme in Gaza through Equipping and Maintaining 43 UNRWA schools

Following a generous donation by the Qatar-based Al Fakhoora, a programme of Education Above All Foundation, UNRWA currently undertakes maintenance and repair activities across 43 UNRWA schools in Gaza. The 43 UNRWA schools supported by Al Fakhoora had been used as Designated Emergency Shelters during the 2014 conflict in Gaza; many subsequently served as Collective Centres to accommodate the extended displacement.

82 undergraduate and 6 international masters students graduate from the Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Scholarship Programme

Tuesday's QDF mission to Gaza ended with an evening Gala Event for the graduation of 82 undergraduate and six international masters students from the Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Scholarship Programme. 25 students who were orphaned during the last aggression on Gaza, were also awarded scholarships to continue their studies.

Al Fakhoora Releases Dynamic Futures Programme Impact Assessment Results

Doha, 1 February 2016 – Today Al Fakhoora, a programme of Education Above All Foundation, unveiled an Impact Assessment of the Dynamic Futures Programme, which has been active in Gaza since 2009 in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The report showcases the outstanding results achieved impacting the lives of Palestinian youth in terms of interpersonal skills and employment opportunities.

Center of Mind and Body Medicine training

UNICEF, UNDP and the Ministry of Education in partnership with the Centre of Mind and Body Medicine concluded a training of 416 school counsellors across Gaza on stress release techniques. Funded by Al Fakhoora, a programme of Education Above All, the training will help both counsellors and teachers reduce their stress, prevent burnout, enhance their capacity for empathy and compassion and improve their professional performance.