Campaign News

Al Fakhoora Supports UNRWA Education Programme in Gaza through Equipping and Maintaining 43 UNRWA schools

Following a generous donation by the Qatar-based Al Fakhoora, a programme of Education Above All Foundation, UNRWA currently undertakes maintenance and repair activities across 43 UNRWA schools in Gaza. The 43 UNRWA schools supported by Al Fakhoora had been used as Designated Emergency Shelters during the 2014 conflict in Gaza; many subsequently served as Collective Centres to accommodate the extended displacement.

82 undergraduate and 6 international masters students graduate from the Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Scholarship Programme

Tuesday's QDF mission to Gaza ended with an evening Gala Event for the graduation of 82 undergraduate and six international masters students from the Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Scholarship Programme. 25 students who were orphaned during the last aggression on Gaza, were also awarded scholarships to continue their studies.

Al Fakhoora Releases Dynamic Futures Programme Impact Assessment Results

Doha, 1 February 2016 – Today Al Fakhoora, a programme of Education Above All Foundation, unveiled an Impact Assessment of the Dynamic Futures Programme, which has been active in Gaza since 2009 in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The report showcases the outstanding results achieved impacting the lives of Palestinian youth in terms of interpersonal skills and employment opportunities.

Center of Mind and Body Medicine training

UNICEF, UNDP and the Ministry of Education in partnership with the Centre of Mind and Body Medicine concluded a training of 416 school counsellors across Gaza on stress release techniques. Funded by Al Fakhoora, a programme of Education Above All, the training will help both counsellors and teachers reduce their stress, prevent burnout, enhance their capacity for empathy and compassion and improve their professional performance.

Fakhoora Graduates Organize TEDx in Gaza

  On 29th of October, Gaza scheduled its First TEDx platform, under TEDxShujaiya, the name of the Gazan suburb that inspired the world during the 51 day war in 2014. TEDx events are community led, serving as a forum for intriguing concepts and a catalyst meaningful discussion. Several Fakhoora alumni will be among the participants, organizers, and attendees at the event.

Startup Weekend: Fakhoora students pave the way toward entrepreneurship

Fakhoora junior and senior students competed with 70 other creative business ideas, and carried out two business ideas of their own at Startup Weekend in Gaza, a platform that encourages young Gazans to collaborate in projects preparing them for entrepreneurship.

Fakhoora Debates: “A New Learning and Leadership Journey”

 As a part of a locally organized two-day conference on Dialogue Culture by Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures during September in Gaza, Fakhoora students had their first debate contest against students from the University of Palestine. The conference was aimed at inspiring the youth by providing practical examples of dialogue that bridge conflicting positions, in addition to enhancing the student’s engagement in extracurricular activities.

Implementation Of Education, Reconstruction And Psychosocial Support Projects In Gaza

During a series of meetings which took place in Doha this month, Education Above All Foundation's Al Fakhoora Programme, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) have agreed on the implementation of joint education, reconstruction and psychosocial support projects in Gaza, with a focus on damages occurred in in Gaza during last summer's hostilities.

Inauguration Of 125 Students

Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures program initiated its second phase on March 4 2015, awarding 125 of the 630 scholarships that will be given to students between 2015-2021. A total USD $28,500,000 will go toward providing educational opportunities to students in Gaza pursuing higher education in local and international universities. 

Dynamic Futures Second Batch Graduates!

Al Fakhoora hosted its second Dynamic Futures program Graduation ceremony on February 24th for 76 graduates, of which 69 were undergraduates from local universities, and seven were International Masters graduates from the UK.