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Worst attacks on Gaza since Operation Cast Lead

The attacks of the last four days have bought death and destruction to Gaza’s civilians, as well as a removal of their basic living requirements.
Since Friday 9th March, 21 Palestinian civilians, including children, have been killed and over 60 injured in Israeli air raids in the eastern part of the Gaza strip, the southern town of Rafah and Khan Yunis.The situation in the region continues to escalate.

Israeli soldiers break into Al Quds University, damaging and stealing broadcasting equipment

In the early hours of this morning, two fully armored vehicles carrying a dozen Israeli occupation soldiers broke into the campus of the Institute of Modern Media, a part of Al Quds University which houses the department of media studies and Al Quds Educational TV Station (AQTV). 
They damaged and seized equipment, including the television transmitter. The raid apparently included plain-clothes Shin Bet forces.

Al Fakhoora awards the Furkan Dogan scholarship for Medicine to 11 students in Gaza

Furkan Dogan was a 19 year-old Turkish man, on board the Turkish ship that sailed out to break the blockade on Gaza in May 2010; the ‘Mavi Marmara’.

Dogan possessed US citizenship, yet was shot dead when the Israeli forces raided the ship, killing a further eight passengers. Dogan wanted to study medicine and it is in honor of his dream to become a doctor that the scholarship was named after him, according to Farooq Burney, Al Fakhoora Director.

Ten students give Gaza a voice at the UN Alliance of Civilizations

Amongst the 2,500-strong crowd, ten people stood out; Al Fakhoora's students ahd experienced the most treacherous journey to attend the conference. Their determination to represent themselves and their peers at home was incredibly impressive.
As over 2,500 of the world’s top figures in government and civil society, academia and media gather in Doha for the fourth United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Forum, ten students stand out.

Gaza film students use internet to break the blockade

Since March, for just a few hours every Thursday, a group of students in Gaza has been able to break the Israeli blockade of the Palestinian territory that has been in place since 2007. Their tools haven't been boats or tunnels, or anything that can be intercepted at the border, but technology.

Fakhoora Debates: “A New Journey of Leadership, Fun and Learning”

 As a part of a locally organized two-day conference on Dialogue Culture by Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures during September in Gaza, Fakhoora students had their first debate contest against students from the University of Palestine. The conference was aimed at inspiring the youth by providing practical examples of dialogue that bridge conflicting positions, in addition to enhancing the student’s engagement in extracurricular activities.

Al Fakhoora featured on!

The culture department of this globally recognised news website interviewed our teams in Qatar and Gaza as part of a report on the consequences of conflict upon education.

The team covered the situations in the Ivory Coast, Somalia, Africa and Gaza; just some of the countries and regions that contribute to the 39 million primary school-aged children that are not in education as a result of armed conflict.

Second guest author Susan Abulhawa hosts writing workshop!

Susan\\\'s visit yesterday was a breath of fresh air for the aspiring writers that attended our second guest author workshop.
The importance of creativity and expression is important in every community, and in the testing circumstances of the blockade, a number of talented and engaging writers are emerging, eager to learn more.
Some of Gaza\\\'s young and most prominent bloggers Ola Anan and Rana Baker joined the Al Fakhoora students to meet Susan.

Students join the Annual Peace March

“Let us, on this International Day, reaffirm our commitment to translating solidarity into positive action. The international community must help steer the situation towards a historic peace agreement.”
Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
Since 1977, the General Assembly has observed the 29th November as an International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.