Campaign News

The USD40 Million Project On Education, Reconstruction and Psychosocial Support In Gaza

With the support of Al Fakhoora, the UN agencies will ensure primary, secondary and post secondary students have the right to a quality education and will strengthen child protection systems to provide psycho-social support to children. Speaking at the February 15th press conference and discussing the projects were: Farooq Burney, Director of Al Fakhoora, Frode Mauring, UNDP Special Representative, Scott Anderson, UNRWA Representative, and June Kunugi, UNICEF Representative.

"I Feel Empowered As A Young Lady"

Education is a substantial investment and is an important empowerment tool it has catalyzed some of our students to engross and achieve success in the educational sector of work experience.

A New Expertise in Gaza; Mohammed Habboub and GIS

Mohammed Habboub, 26, living in Gaza city, has finished his studies in Civil Engineering from the Islamic University of Gaza. Mohammed has applied for Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Program for the International Masters, showing an outstanding need for Gaza and the world that a Technical Specialist in the particular field of Geographical Information Sciences is highly needed.   

Two Al Fakhoora Students Win Seats to Spain!!

Abdul-Raheem Mahallawi and Zuhdi Al Efranji won recently an opportunity for a 6-months exchange program in Spain. The initiative, which is highly competitive, with a few seats for Middle East students, is offered by the European Commission under "PEACE, an Erasmus Mundus."
Both Abdul-Raheem and Zuhdi are to leave Gaza on the 20th of December to study Internal and Surgical Medicine in the Educational Medical School of Santiago de Compostela University. The Program will start with a Spanish language training and then extensive practical experience.

$40M Donated From Qatar’s Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Towards Gaza…

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar (MOFA) signed an agreement to donate 40 million USD from the Qatar Development Fund to support Education Above All’s Al Fakhoora programme. The funds will be used to rebuild and re-equip damaged schools and university buildings, as well as to provide international scholarships for students who wish to pursue studies in disciplines which respond to Gaza’s needs. The fund will also support training programmes for professionals in both education and health sector. In effect, the agreement will more than double the number the students who are able to benefit from Al Fakhoora scholarships to complete their higher education.

Post-2015 Unfinished Agenda @WISE2014

Under the theme of "Imagine-Create-Learn: Creativity at the Heart of Education", WISE 2014 has been set off and closed after 3 days of debating and networking on the issue of the post-2015 Millennium Development Goals Unfinished Agenda, with promising outcomes to the 58 million out of school children. Al Fakhoora, alongside its sister organizations under Education Above All Foundation, has contributed to driving the agenda forward through hosting 3 interactive sessions that were held in the EAA Village.

Hassan Mustafa, A Medicine Student And A True Advocate

The recent month-long war on Gaza has had a devastating impact on Palestinian students, who are still struggling to return to their daily lives. However, some remain steadfast with their education, and their dreams of contributing to society.

'Stronger Than Words': Deaf Community Of Gaza

Last month, Al Jazeera Media Network and Qatar Charity collaborated on a forum that focuses on the Arab World's deaf community as well as the challenges the community faces, with a special focus on Gaza as a case study.
The forum, which was composed of four sessions, was held on September 22, in order to mark the International Week of the Deaf, which is annually celebrated on the last week of September. The forum was kicked off with a 10-minute trailer of an hour-long documentary that Al-Jazeera hadn’t aired at the time. The trailer’s title is ‘Stronger than Words,’ and the documentary explores the daily lives of the deaf community in Gaza. The documentary was done before the latest Israeli offensive on Gaza in the summer. Statistically, the film reveals the existence of 15,000 deaf people across the entire Gaza strip. Furthermore, the film showcases the daily lives of the deaf community in Gaza, and their perseverance to have access to and continue their education despite their disability.
The first session has been marked by a special guest- Dr. Paul Larudee- founder of the Free Gaza Movement and Free Palestine Movement. Larudee, who helped stop an Israeli boat from docking at Oakland Port in California during the most recent atrocities on Gaza, explained: “I don’t believe in impossible. The word has changed the meaning for me!”  Lastly, he called on Americans to change and speak up for oppressed Palestinians, and to be aware of the United States economic and political actions in the Middle East.

Al Fakhoora Students To Compete In Qatar Debates

Within the course of Empowerment and Skilling dimensions of Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures, 30 Al Fakhoora students achieved, during September, two debate training courses that aimed at improving their skills in the art of debating in Arabic language.
The program, which is organized by Palestine University- Qatar Debates’ partner in the Gaza Strip, aims to promote debating in Arabic to the Gaza youth to be articulate young leaders who can stand up in negotiations, discussions and arguments, which is a substantial competency for advocacy and for the investment in, creation and development of future leaders.
As Al Fakhoora students showed a notable performance, Qatar Debates acknowledged Al Fakhoora Team as an independent team, to participate in the Third International Universities Arabic Debating Championship, to be held in Doha in April 2015.

Social Media For Social Good: An Outcome Of The Social Good Summit

Advocating for Gaza Reconstruction and Development, Al Fakhoora students called on for innovative approaches using technology and social media, during a meetup over the Gazan rubbles in the aftermath of the 51-day Israeli Military Offensive on the Gaza Strip during the summer. 
Six students sent messages to Social Good Summit, which was held in New York on September 22nd, bringing the world's most innovative-thought leaders to discuss solutions for the world's development problems and to set the new agenda for 2030 Global Development Vision.