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Beyond Gaza Crises

Walking over the rubble of his house, helplessly describing the devastating situation during the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip, “We had a hard time, collecting a few of our clothes, and leaving our house to an unknown destination.” said Abdallah Al Masri.

Abdallah, 23, who lives close to the border in Beit Hanoun, in the North of the Gaza Strip seems tired, exhausted and depressed. “I graduated a few months ago, happily my family supported me to get married while I started my career with an internship in the Gaza Judicial Courts. Yet now our dreams are being slaughtered, leaving us with a vague future.” said Abdallah.
A part of extended 45 family members, including his parents, married brothers and sisters who all live in the same neighborhood in Beit Hanoun, an area that has been completely ruined by Israeli bombardment and excessive shelling.

Adnan, Abdallah’s father, stated “We are not even able to recognize the area where we have lived for years, the houses have fallen on top of each other in a very painful scene – we have lost our business, the business that has supported our whole family.”  
Part of Abdullah’s Al Fakhoora scholarship, included assistance for his family to establish a home business with assistance from Al Fakhoora and UNDP. Abdullah and his family have had their story featured here before, a story of overcoming adversity and hope for the future. You can read that full story here.

After losing everything and fleeing their home with just the clothes on their backs, Abdallah’s family moved to a UN “shelter” near Beit Lahia. The shelter, which was actually a UN School, hosts around 200 families, with each family occupying a classroom “We are 60 people living in the same place along with my aunt and her kids.” said Abdallah. 

He added, “We have been here for over 20 days so far and life in the shelter is very difficult and unhealthy. We do not have enough mattresses, pillows or food. We rely on canned food when it is available. Two of my nephews have been hospitalized with meningitis due to the unhealthy environment.”

Abdallah has so far lost 13 members of his extended family during the attacks and due to the random bombardment of Gaza that indiscriminately kills women, children and innocent civilians.
“Now we have so little hope, we feel abandoned. We have almost no choice of where to go. We have lost all of our furniture. I was newly wedded, now I can see my bedroom under the rubble. I lost all my university books and a great library. I do not know how to recover from this. This is a big loss. We do not know how to recover from the loss of our family business.”

Facing War Horror ...

Having faced horrible times during the 2008/2009 Operation Cast Lead war on Gaza, where a direct bullet caused a long-life disability of hemiplegia, Ihab Hejji escaped the tanks' shelling with his family for 45 days to avoid another tragedy.

The Aftermath of the End of the 51 Day War!!

Ali is currently in his 4th level of academia, studying Social Sciences in Al Quds Open University. As the land incursion started as a part of Israeli Offensive OPE on Gaza, Ali left the house with his family and direct relatives who live in the same area as well. The family has sheltered in Al Shifa’a Hospital, East of Gaza city.

Education Under Attack

Around 5 am Wednesday, July 30th, another UNRWA school came under attack, from four artillery rounds fired from Israeli tanks, a UN investigation has confirmed, killing at least 20 people and wounding scores more. United Nations facilities are supposed to be safe zones, with GPS coordinates supplied to the Israeli military by the United Nations in order to avoid being bombed, with the UN claiming in a statement earlier on Wednesday that it had informed Israel "17 times" that the building was being used to house internally displaced persons. 

Al Fakhoora Condemns Bombings

The 18th day of attacks on Gaza has left more than 800 people dead including protesters in the West Bank. The previous week has seen even schools that were being used as shelters by refugees being bombed. 

Fakhoora Students' Homes Attacked

“I lost my home. I lost my furniture, I lost my happy memories. I believe I lost all. This is the place that I have been establishing to live in all my life.  Now I think I live in a nightmare. Israel targeted the building where I live with my extended family, targeted my flat and other relatives places.” tells Angham Sukkar.

#ImFromGaza Fakhoora Update

 #ImFromGaza is Al Fakhoora’s social media advocacy platform established to extend the reach of student voices in Gaza and Palestine and enable them to contribute to the global conversation using their own voice and narratives during the November 2012 attacks on Gaza. The students have now reactivated the platform and are providing real time updates on the ongoing attacks taking place now. With almost 2000 people from around the world currently posting, sharing, commenting and engaging in discussions.

The Journey to Studying Abroad

Yasmin Al Ghalayini is 24-years-old, married and from Gaza City. She graduated from the Islamic University in Gaza (IUG) in 2010 majoring in accounting, achieving an outstanding 89.7% cumulative mark.
Due to her high score, she was given a one-year contract to work with UNRWA, after which she was able to move to an NGO, where she found work as an accountant. 

New Conference Hall brings Change to the Community

For the first time ever, there is a new conference hall in the southern Gaza Strip with advanced lighting and equipment suitable for conferences, graduation ceremonies, workshops, social events and other occasions. The new hall, which belongs to the College of Science and Technology in Khan Younis, has been upgraded through a fund from Al Fakhoora and the Islamic Development Bank and implemented by Qatar Red Crescent beginning in 2012. 

New Experiences in the field of Psychological support in Gaza: Changes and Hopes

Nour El-Deen Mohsien, a 40-year-old Psychotherapy Officer at the Psychological and Social Support Association in the Gaza Strip, was one of 60 participants who took part in the capacity building program of staff working in mental health & PSP Services in July 2012. The program was funded by Al Fakhoora and implemented by Qatar Red Crescent and the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme.