Campaign News

Family Business and Scholarship Support

Nasser Al Jammali, 50, the sole breadwinner for his family of five, worked for many years in Israel on different construction and building sites. Since 2000, Nasser and hundreds of thousands of other workers have not been permitted to work in Israel. 

Starting from the Bottom

Alaa Mosllam, 22, lives in Maghazi Refugee Camp in the Gaza Strip with nine of her family members in a single house. In secondary school, Alaa managed to achieve a cumulative mark of 98.3%. Despite high marks that would have allowed her to be accepted to study any specialty she wished, Alla’s household financial situation was challenging, and the chances of her being able to go to university were slight. Her father is a private sector Engineer, but without a steady job and fixed income.

Studying Abroad: A Matter of Biomedical Engineering from Cyprus to Gaza

Qasim Al Yazji is 30 years old and married with two children. Living in Gaza city, Qasim has been working as a bio-medical engineer at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza for almost three years.

The Dream Hashtag!! Al Fakhoora Student’s Trigger Social Campaign for Al Nakba

On May 15th, 2014, a group of 25 Al Fakhoora Dynamic Future’s Student’s launched a collective social media campaign to unleash people’s dreams on “What if Nakba did not happen”.

Veterinary Medicine: A Rare Specialty in Gaza

Responding to high market needs, Al Fakhoora’s Dynamic Future’s Program awarded three new undergraduate scholarships to young Palestinians from Gaza in the field of Veterinary Medicine. The students started their journey early in 2014 in a distinguished program at the Jordanian University for Science and Technology.

An English Opportunity

Amani Al Hams is 20 years old and lives in Rafah, the far south of the Gaza Strip with her family that encounters severe hardships. In secondary school, she achieved an excellent mark of 88%. 

Investing in Human Resources

Ahmed Abu Dayya, 24, lives in Gaza and has been an outstanding student in both his secondary and post-secondary education. During the latter, Ahmed completed an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the Islamic University in Gaza (IUG) with an 88% accumulative mark, topping his group, after which he worked as a Reader IUG. 

Advocacy in Medicine

Abdulraheem Mahlawi, 23, lives in Gaza with all 10 of his family members in a single household.

Mariam Abu Safia...A Student with a Dream to Become an Interior Designer

"I chose interior design in order to become a great designer." Mariam Abu Safia, a student at the University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) in the Gaza Strip said. “The students were impressed after seeing the expanded technical workshop building at UCAS, which was done by the Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) in partnership with Al Fakhrooa.

Youth and Disability in Gaza: Challenges and Hopes

"I got the chance to swim in the Gaza Sea for the first time in 20 years." Waffa Abu Zouhry said repeating a statement, which had been said by a man with a disability who had been involved in a psychosocial support program for youth with disabilities in the Gaza strip. This project was implemented last year by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS-PSS) in cooperation with Qatar Red Crescent, Al Fakhoora and the Islamic Development Bank.