Campaign News

Supporting Students and Families

Soliman Abu Taima is 21 and disabled. Living at the family home in Al Qarara, an isolated, disadvantaged and remote area in the South of the Gaza Strip. Soliman was awarded an Al Fakhoora Scholarship in 2011. Currently he is in his fourth year studying ‘Special Education and Rehabilitation’ at the Red Crescent College in Khan Younis.

Paving the Way for A Successful Future Career

Caroline Abu Kwaik is a recent graduate and Al Fakhoora Scholarship student. She also worked as a Technical Assistant, participating, organizing and facilitating many Al Fakhoora advocacy activities, international student dialogues and more. Caroline talks about the challenges of finding a job after graduation and what she has been doing to overcome them.

The Challenge of Living and Studying In Jerusalem

Al Fakhoora and UNDP at times have the opportunity to work with students outside of Gaza to ensure access to higher education. Bisan is one such student, who stayed behind to study in Jerusalem while her family left to Canada as they were unable to earn enough to support the family.

Maximising Opportunities

55 year old Ayoud had been unemployed for 15 years before receiving support from Al Fakhoora and UNDP's DEEP program to start his own business, while one of his son's Hussain received a Dynamic Future's scholarship, Ayoub and his eldest son ran the business and found a unique way to reinvest in their family's future.

Ahmed Abu Oun Future Reporter and Self Advocate

Ahmed Abu Oun is in his third year of print journalism at Al Aqsa University in Gaza and recently took trainings that allowed him to further his skills as a journalist and self advocate. In addition, Ahmed's family was also given a grant to start their own business which allows him to focus his energy on completing school and starting his career.

Ahlam discusses the Virtual Majlis dialogue with Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service Qatar

Ahlam has been one of the participants in Al Fakhoora’s advocacy activities, being a key participant in the first season of the Virtual Majlis with Georgetown University School of Foreign Service Qatar and tells us about her experience of speaking with students in Qatar.

Providing for the Future

Aref Zahran, 52, lives in Bedo village, one of the remote villages of Ramallah and considered to be one of the most populated and poorest with 13,000 inhabitants. Aref is the sole breadwinner for a family of seven with little possibility of that changing as the other members of his family are unlikely to be able to pursue a higher education. 

A Stable Platform to Reach Success

Esraa Yaseen is 22 years old, lives in Gaza and studies computer engineering at the Islamic University in Gaza, with remarkable academic performance and leadership skills.

Dismantling Our Voices as Palestinian Students

Abdul Rahman Jarour, 22, lives in Gaza City and is in his fifth year of computer engineering and communications at Al Azahar University in Gaza. 

Leeding the Way as an Intercultural Ambassador

Abeer Al Abiad, 26, lives in Gaza and studied accounting at Al Azhar University in Gaza.  After graduating, she worked as lecturer at the UNRWA’s Technical Training Center, teaching management and development.