Campaign News

Providing for the Future

Aref Zahran, 52, lives in Bedo village, one of the remote villages of Ramallah and considered to be one of the most populated and poorest with 13,000 inhabitants. Aref is the sole breadwinner for a family of seven with little possibility of that changing as the other members of his family are unlikely to be able to pursue a higher education. 

A Stable Platform to Reach Success

Esraa Yaseen is 22 years old, lives in Gaza and studies computer engineering at the Islamic University in Gaza, with remarkable academic performance and leadership skills.

Dismantling Our Voices as Palestinian Students

Abdul Rahman Jarour, 22, lives in Gaza City and is in his fifth year of computer engineering and communications at Al Azahar University in Gaza. 

Leeding the Way as an Intercultural Ambassador

Abeer Al Abiad, 26, lives in Gaza and studied accounting at Al Azhar University in Gaza.  After graduating, she worked as lecturer at the UNRWA’s Technical Training Center, teaching management and development. 

Persistence Pays Off

Asma Masoud, 22, lives in the Jabalia refugee camp in the north of the Gaza Strip and studies Computer Systems Engineering at Al Azhar University in Gaza with a remarkable academic record. Since Al Fakhoora’s Dynamic Future’s inception, Asma has always shown strong leadership characteristics by proposing ideas for local advocacy work and motivating Al Fakhoora students to get involved and participate.

Paving the way for a Future Career

Rami Al Henawi, 24 lives in Gaza city and is in his third year of studying business administration at Al Oma University in Gaza. In November 2013, Al Fakhoora’s Dynamic Futures program started an English language training program at the American center, AMIDEAST, which is arguably the best English language training center available to students in Gaza. 

Professional Training Program for Fakhoora Graduates

Mohammed Daloul, 24, lives in the Zaitoun Suburb in Gaza city, and recently graduated from Palestine University with a commerce degree major in accounting and a minor in English language.

Information Technology Capacity Building at the heart of the Dynamic Future's Work

As a part of  the Dynamic Futures’ strategy of providing access to higher education and investing in human capital, Al Fakhoora and UNDP are working with the University College of Applied Science (UCAS) to enhance and develop the capacity of the information technology staff with the most need

Returning to Gaza: A Year On

Fadi Hania, 33, lives in Gaza city and is married with two kids. Fadi works as lecturer of software development and software engineering at The University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) after completing his Master's Degree in the UK as part of Al Fakhoora's International Dynamic Future's master degree scholarship program. 

Taking on Additional Activities

Maysara Al Arabeed, 25, lives in Gaza city with his eight family members, and studied mathematics at Al Aqsa University in Gaza. Being articulate remarkable personable, Maysara found work as a public relations officer at Al Aqsa University after he graduated in 2011. This was a change in career direction for Maysara, and in his words, “I am a strong advocate for Palestine and media is our window to the world.”