Campaign News

Scholarships Run DEEP: Wael Barda'a

Wael Barda’a, 47, lives in Al Shejaiya Gaza, an old eastern suburb in Gaza City, it’s highly populated with limited livelihood resources. Wael is the sole breadwinner for a family of 13, and his family has been identified as living in an extreme poverty situation. In addition to the limited financial resources, Wael suffers from partial visual disability that six of his children have inherited.

The Challenges of Studying Abroad for Two Young Master's Student's

“I felt like I’m stuck in a box, a box that is totally closed” International Master’s Scholar Abeer Alabyad describes the feeling he has living in Gaza and his experience in leaving to study for his Master's degree in the UK.

First International Conference Held in Gaza

H.E Dr. Jamal Al Khodari  “The conference is a remarkable event, and a gathering of genuine Palestinian minds which represents elites of the Academia who all agreed to enhance the quality of the higher Palestinian Education”

Studying Abroad: A Matter of Solid Waste Management

25-year-old Sami Matter, from the Tel-Alhawa suburb in Gaza,

A Story of a Dream that Comes True: The Successful Wife and Husband Team

Rana Abu Shlaih is 25 years old and is one of the beneficiaries of the Youth Empowerment Project funded by Al Fakhoora & Islamic Development Bank. She has completed 24 hours of training in which she was introduced to setting up her own business. Later on, she received 120 hours of intensive vocational training in sewing and embroidery along with a grant to start her own business.

License to Skill

Jameel Al Qeeq, 48, lives in Gaza City. Jameel is the breadwinner for a family of ten including seven daughters and one son, Ahmed, who is an Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Scholarship recipient pursuing his studies in Electrical Engineering in the Islamic University in Gaza (IUG). 

From the Shores of Gaza to the Shores of the USA

Hazim Al Bitar, 22 years old, lives in Al Shejaya, one of the oldest suburbs in Gaza city, and one of the most highly populated as well. Hazim was one of the earliest Al Fakhoora students, and studied Environmental Engineering at the Islamic University in Gaza (IUG). 
Hazem is one of nine in his family; his father is a driver in addition to managing his small bookshop business which was granted to the family as part of the Dynamic Future’s scholarship program, DEEP with Al Fakhoora and UNDP.  

Local Activity Roundup

In addition to international advocacy efforts with students in Gaza, Al Fakhoora also works with them to organize and execute their own actitivites locally on the ground to impact more students, families and the extended community. Here is a look back at some of the highlights the students have shared with us.

Al Fakhoora Dynamic Futures Promotes the Capacities of University Staff

As part of efforts to enhance the capacities of local universities and Academic Institutions in the Gaza Strip, Al Fakhoora’s Dynamic Futures youth engagement arm, has implemented a capacity building program dedicated to improving Information Technology skills of University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) academic staff by providing them a collection of advanced courses in information and communication technologies.

A Vision of Health

Al Fakhoora and QRC together with the Ministry of Health (MOH) have outfitted the MOH hospital with advanced surgical equipment and disposables to improve the quality of surgical ophthalmic interventions that ultimately will decrease the incidence of visual impairment among the community and decrease the burden on travelling abroad for ophthalmic treatment.