The College of Ability Development, Khan Younis

The College of Ability Development in Khan Younis is an especially important source of support and learning in Gaza, as its focus is on bachelor degrees in special education and rehabilitation for disability, community rehabilitation, vocational training and psychological counseling.

What’s more, this important institution provides services to the surrounding community, including a library, sports hall, English language courses and other workshops.

A fairly new addition to Gaza, this college was established in 1995 and went on to win accreditation by the Ministry of Higher Education just two years later. As with each of the construction projects, the college’s main barrier to its growth is due to lack of space and facilities.

With only three classrooms available and a small computer lab that contains just two computers with Internet access; this college is in dire need of help. The college has an impressive library, with over 10, 000 books, but lacks the required space for good organization and adequate reading opportunities.

The sports hall, which is currently used by 400 disabled individuals from the wider community, is in desperate need of a lot of maintenance and upgrading in order to meet standard minimum requirements and the ongoing needs of the community.

The plans that Fakhoora have for this college will make a truly life-changing difference to the students, and subsequently, the community in Gaza. The use of some of the existing free space, which was formerly unused due to lack of funds, along with a new language lab is going to completely alter the level of opportunity for students. Alongside this focus, the toilets will be restored, the changing rooms equipped, the maintenance of the whole electricity network carried out, redecoration of the walls and modern equipment installed.