The Islamic University of Gaza

The IUG has worked tirelessly throughout its history, both pre and post aggression, to provide education for the local community.

The team at the IUG have shown great integrity in maintaining a neutrality that keeps its focus on the principle of unity.

At its top capacity, the university provides 1, 300 jobs and places for up to 20, 000 students.

This project hopes to tackle a mounting issue; the ability for people in Gaza to medically care for themselves. Depending on available local materials, the first step for the university will be building a new roof that will add 20% more space to the existing structure and become the faculties of Medicine and Science.

Under the new roof, IUG students will have all the space they need. Plans include classrooms to sit peacefully and learn, a computer lab for up to 30 users, two workshop halls for quiet study, administrative offices for staff, an archive and stock room for resources, a waiting area, public utilities and a kitchen.

It seems that the ‘dream scattering’ of December 2008, which saw 20, 000 IUG students release details of their hopes for freedom to learn, are being answered.

In May 2012 Al Fakhoora Director Farooq Burney travelled to Gaza to open the new buildings which have been completed as part of the first phase of reconstruction at the university, and meet some of the students.

2 additional floors have been added to the Faculty of Medicine which include workshop rooms, a pathology museum and a medical library as well as clinical, telepathology, histopathology, optics and nursing skill labs. There is also a pathology museum.   

This time, we only hope that the blockade does not react to these advances in the same way again; cancelling final exams and imposing false bureaucracy that stands in the way of the basic rights of the young people of Gaza to learn and support each other.