University College of Applied Sciences

This non-profit public institution was established in 1998 and focuses on qualifications that are vital to the immediate community of Gaza. Diplomas and degrees are studied, across the 11 departments, by the 9,000 students that currently study at UCAS.

Over the last few years the college has developed a distinctive reputation for enhancing Palestinian youth innovations and creative ideas. UCAS is also proud to possess a number of awards for this specialism, including the Palestinian International Award for Excellence and Innovation in 2007.

Other wards include first place on a join research project with the University of Science and Technology, in Jordan, first place in the Gaza Second International Festival of documentary Films and second place in the ‘Made in Palestine’ competition.

The increasing levels of poverty within Gaza’s society have limited the only direct financial resource; the student fees. It’s for this reason that UCAS sincerely needs Fakhoora’s help, to add value to the university and its facilities while they are unable to.

Increasing the available space for scientific labs, lecture halls and administration and support services are urgently needed as is addressing the problem of a lack of equipment for GIS and solar energy studies that require specialist resources. The endless worry of electrical failures are also a daily struggle and challenge.

Reconstruction is already underway for an ambitious project to add an additional three floors to the administrative building that’s estimated at $1,090,000, which were funded by UCAS, though this has been forced to stop due to funds drying out. With Fakhoora involvement this building will benefit from the furbishing of the new building for the required space to launch new projects, one of which is an exciting new innovative lab.

In another part of the building a technical workshop for the computer and industrial professions department is already underway, but similarly, needs funds to complete and furnish the building.

In addition, the college has developed a master plan for the coming 10 years to establish two additional branches in Zahra city and Khan Younison in the areas of the liberated settlements.

This project holds great promise in Fakhoora’s view, as so much of the initial plans and infrastructure have started to evolve and take shape already, and the particular emphasis on learning and innovation has connotations of modernity that are valuable to this stifled community.